Workshops: Pastel

Workshop: Pastel Interested in pastels but don’t know how to get started? Sign up to an introductory level class designed for the true beginner or those desiring to review technique by learning the principles through practice and exploration, not producing finished pastel paintings. Emerge with an invaluable workbook sampler of exercises, notations
Retuning artists work on advanced techniques toward small pastel studies and projects of their choice.

Workshop: Pan Pastels - Introduction and Exploration
A new and exciting pastel product uniquely packed in a pan format! [Think old school glam rouge]. Complete beginners to pastel are introduced to pastel basics such as blending, layering, mark making.   

Pastel painters explore how with this new ultra soft, low dust, highly pigmented pastel in a pan, they can now cover backgrounds in one swath,  layer thin glazes, block in colors, and  or achieve painterly effects with water by adding  this new medium to the existing tools and materials.

Workshop: Pastel
Workshop: Introduction to Pastel
Workshop: Pastel Essentials
Workshop: 'Mastering Mediums - Pastel
Workshop: Sketching from the Masters 
Workshop: Figure Drawing – Clothed & Costumed - Pastel
Workshop: Portrait - Pastel 
Workshop: Landscape - Pastel 
Workshop: Intro to Figure Drawing - Pastel