Workshops: Acrylic

Class: Painting - Acrylic 
Description: Basic media materials and techniques used for painting will be introduced. Lectures, at-easel demonstrations, individual instruction and critique.

Workshop: 'Painting from Photographs'
Learn how to paint in a loose and expressive style.

Workshop: 'Painting from the Masters - Acrylic'
Learning how to paint, inspired by the works of the Great Masters, is a time honored tradition. Copy a simple gridded sketch, observe instructor demo, and then follow along step-by-step, to completion of frameable works. 

Class: 'Painting - Acrylics'
Basic media materials and techniques used for painting will be introduced. This course is designed to provide instruction for the beginning to the advanced student.

Workshop: 'Acrylic Workbook'
Emerge with an invaluable workbook sampler of exercises, notations and small acrylic studies.

Workshop: 'Mastering Mediums - Acrylics'
Work from instructor supplied academic photo reference of the great Masters of landscape, seascape, abstract, floral, interior, figurative, portraiture and still life.

Workshop: 'Open Acrylics'
Learn all of the basics of painting with acrylics plus how to float acrylics as transparently as watercolor, apply in thick and impasto strokes, or lay down like buttery oils. The new Atelier Interactive acrylics offer the quick dry time artists expect, plus ‘open’ time to ainters, oil painters concerned with fumes and messy clean up, and complete novices welcome. 

North East Texas Fine Art Association
Ellis County Art Association
Lancaster Art Club
Dallas Area Fiber Artists
Creative Arts Center of Dallas
Amarillo Art Institute

Past 'Acrylic Painting' workshops:
Collin College Cont Ed
Creative Arts Center

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